(the thickness is set on 10, so I can’t really cut anything right now…) Thanks for your help and happy holidays! However, Silhouette America should be including some basic tools to help users remove the cut-outs from the mat. Had the same issue and it was MAKING ME CRAZY! Thanks for this fix! I cannot find my library. 1) Are you using the Print and Cut feature? Pleeeeaaasssseeee help guys I wanna play with my new toy Many thanks Sam. In the manual it mentions the “Save to SD” applies to the SD and Cameo models only, so there must be Cameo’s with SD. Thought I was losing my mind. From this screen you can make a few mouse adjustments. Yes, I have My Library but when I try to open any design I am informed that I need to upgrade the software. I need to take one butterfly and fill in the remaining space on the paper with it. If none of my suggestions help, let me know and we’ll try, again. Thanks for any help you can give. After that, I manually (with a pair of scissors) cut out a smaller rectangle within the printed rectangle. Have you found a fix. If I wake up my computer (without unloading the cutting mat) it will pick up where it left off and cut just fine. Now, grab the roller and push it back to its original position. Then select “My Download History”. The mouse pointer disappearance while accessing a view control via one of the viewport modifier icons (e.g. Gloria When you select the “Show Registration Marks” option, you will see them appear on your screen over your cutting mat area. Here’s how I did it (hope this makes sense): first, I measured the envelope, then I used the software to create a rectangle of the same size and place it in the middle of an 8 1/2 x 11″ page. Hi, my machine was working good. This is a digital design. Your 300gsm cardstock is equivalent to 140 lb. google_ad_width = 250; However our facebook group has 30 people(at least with the same issue you and I have). It’s really frustrating to design with the mouse restrictions. I wish I could tell you more, but I hope this helps. Then, not so! I’ve tried several adjustments to the cut settings. I just bought SilhouetteCameo, but so frustating that the machine couldn`t cut foam. It just loses control of the end of the paper and it moves freely (and cuts anywhere) when it gets to the end. :-/ Please help!!! Please report what caused this along with the information below. Is mine a new version not requiring it anymore? I hate this machine so far. So I would really like to know how to utilize them if possible. You can download it from the Silhouette America site. Some recommend America Craft….please advise. Sharon. I finally figured out where to set my rollers, the blade settings are what is recommended but it still doesn’t work the way it is supposed to. I have spent so much and invested so much in this cutter what with a carrying case, a canvas cover, utensils, replacement mats, blades, and over $400 in die cuts. setting as: blade-1 speed-8 thickness-3 ) no problems! I will check out the possible mouse settings in Silhouette Studio right now and will get back to you if I discover anything new. I did so and everything is working perfectly. , Hello- I have just purchased this machine and ready to scream. Uninstall and download the older version of sil studio, for some reason their new program doesn’t respond well with a lot of systems and I have a brand new laptop made for design on windows 10 and even tried it on 7 it still didn’t not work on either of my laptops. Anyway, this is just my two-cents worth. Did you even figure out your issue? Any help would be great!! While we appreciate every single one of them it's nearly impossible to respond back to all of them, all the time. If you click the grid button in the top right corner, make sure the Snap to Grid box is unchecked! VERY FRUSTRATING. Ladies I need your help! Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions or problems. I felt the same way when I first started using my Cameo, as did thousands of my readers! Let me know what happens and we’ll take it from there. Please Help. And please note: I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS SOFTWARE. LOL!! Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you! I am using a CAMEO 3 and I accidentally updated to Silhouette Studio V4.3 and now I am having problems. I am trying to use the stencil vinyl to do an etched glass project also my 1st project with this machine. 1. It looks so simple in the videos, right? Also, the blade cut a deep, long line on my mat and I think it’s too damaged to use again. When I first got my machine almost a year ago, it worked perfectly. Second time around, I thought by now the V.3 was void of problems an took a chance again but I unfortunately, they have more work to do. Then I downloaded a new image and when I opened my cameo software to download it – it says it cannot connect to the server. Look forward to your reply regarding the mat. Extensive wiki-style reference database for Shortcuts, Hotkeys, Cheatsheets. Have you ever made anything longer than the 12×12 I would LOVE to see a tutorial. Rebooted my MAC and the Cameo and I can’t get it to print one thing correctly. However, now whenever I hover over text, it stays on the hand tool. First thought it was the version I was on so I updated to the latest version 3.3.451. If this deos not work, right click hit “ungroup” then with your selector icon draw a box around the butterfly you wish to keep when all points are selected, right click again and hit group. Good luck!! Hi, my wonderful hubby has just treated me to a cameo (after much hint dropping) as I have just had some quite extensive surgery and he thought it might cheer me up. Just took my Cameo 3 out of the box. I hope to hear good news from you, soon!! I just purchased the Silhouette Portrait and trying to make stickers. I have the blade set to two, and keep all the speeds the same as it told me. Thanks, so much for dropping by. First off, don’t get rid of your punches. THANKS .TANIA VERA. Select [Show grid options] Unzip this file to your desktop You are doing the right thing by printing the registration marks. Please help. I watched the machine will it worked and got the feeling that its not butting enough brasher on the plaid and that’s why its not cutting threw the paper I HATE THIS MACHINE!!!! I have to be doing something wrong. By next week, I hope to be back in my craft room…sigh…I can’t wait!! I am getting a server error when trying to load the software. It makes a small noise, the screen seems like it’s on but then it dies, after 2-3 seconds it tries again. Sometimes, we just have a lot of problems using Silhouette Studio because the software just crash when we are creating a complex new file, when we just click on the Library and a message appers telling us that Silhouette Studio has a problem or when the software was recently updated. They should be able to get you up-and-running in no time. , Oh, THANK YOU SO MUCH! MY cameo 3 is stuck on “Waiting to initialize”…beyond pissed off and cant figure it out. You need to “trace” it, then adjust your settings so all of it is yellow. However, the customer service makes me feel like an idiot! There is a bit of a learning curve when you first get your Cameo, particularly if you don’t have experience with graphic design programs like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. Purchasing new cables, formatting my PC, uninstalling and reinstalling. Gloria The older version works perfect. Just remember to move it back to its original position when you go back to using your cutting mat. Use the mouse to move the camera. I hope this helps. Please let me know if this helps. This will clear the memory. Extensive wiki-style reference database for Shortcuts, Hotkeys, Cheatsheets. The word was jagged, it then showed up at the bottom left of the program, I go to try to delete it from the left and then my box to deleted showed up 3dish. My best advice is that whenever the Cameo does something weird (such as this), close Silhouette Studio and turn off your computer–this clears the memory and gives you a fresh start. Mickey is floating up to the sky while holding a bunch of balloons. Make sure you are lining up the left edge of your cutting mat with the small line on the front of your Cameo. LOL! When you release your mouse, the Pan function will turn off. It will move (very very slowly) with the arrow keys, but that’s it. Good luck, One of the great features of Silhouette Studio Designer Edition is the ability to import SVG files. 2. –You might very well have one of the defective blades. Really useful site. First is regarding print then cut. Try another image and if you still have the same problem, then your next step would be to shut down Silhouette Studio and turn off your computer. Also, everyone says don’t use your blade higher than 2 or 3. 4) Have you had this problem when trying to cut other words? The cutlines are all higher then they appear in the preview, so the top of the design is cut into the mat and the rest is cut into my paper. Gloria I don’t have this problem with the print and cut feature, it reads the registration marks and adjusts the mat to begin cutting in the correct place. Press Return If your still having a problem, there are three troubleshooting tips…. I can put the image on twice. Sorry to be such a dolt, but I want to be sure I understand what you are referring to so I can benefit from your advice. And if i proceed with the same project to cut other colors of the box (folding part) it starts to cut even lower and cutting mat is falling out from the back of the machine I hope you will come back and let me know how this works out, Susan. wow i just realised that u posted the same problem. I just put a small piece of tape on each corner of my cardstock and send it through the Silhouette. I just purchased your e-book and appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this wonderful tool. thanx for sharing. Can that even be possible?!? Things will settle down, soon!! You can hit the select arrow on the left…… then if it messed up something… remember the undo or back arrows. Gotta love it. Quite often, malfunctions such as the one you are describing, can be rectified by following the basic troubleshooting steps listed below. As it cut, the longer thumb tab hit against the rollers, preventing contact between the blade & the vinyl. I just got my cameo for Christmas and I’m still figuring thgins out, but it gets easier each time. That only makes the software completely fail to load. This is not how the Cameo should work!! After initial hang up of 4 to 6 minutes, everything works fine. 17. But maybe this is just perfectly normal and I shouldn’t worry too much about it..? I just can’t get it to work. Opening the Silhouette Studio® Software Locate the Silhouette Studio® icon on the desktop, or in the Start Menu on your PC (in the Applications folder on a Mac®). This is basically a reminder to myself, because I keep having this problem every 6 months or so, searching the internet for hints, and coming across this site where I had the same problem a year ago. THANK THANK! Also, you will need to change a setting to allow you to cut to the edge. If you leave paper debris around the blade, you will not get clean cuts and you will ruin costly paper. http://joyslife.com/how-to-use-the-knife-tool-and-fancy-edges-in-silhouette-studio-software/. I have a brand new Cameo 3 and I have been trying AL DAY to get it to work. It has four butterflies in one image. THANK YOU!! I encourage you to experiment to find the ones that best fit YOUR needs. First things first: you gotta know just how to add text before you can jazz it up, amiright? Select [View] Hi, The last good thing I ever cut on it was “lacy shamrock” from the Silhouette store. LOL! Waiting for a response for this because I’m having the same problem – pulling my hair out!!! I am cutting 80lb cardstock and have my settings at speed 2, thickness 33, knife blade setting at 9 and selected double cut. Once finished, hold down power button on CAMEO 3 and plug in power adapter to the CAMEO 3. weird. I’ve so far had it cut 1 circle out of a 300gsm card stock… and thats it. Great timing, I just happen to be sitting at my computer! My question is do I leave the rollers at 12″ even if I am using 8 1/2 ” paper or do I move the RH white roller to the 8 1/2″ mark. Please help!!! http://www.globugideas.com hope that helps! Select the Applications option I have a silhouette cameo, I’ve been cutting with it for about 5 months on a daily basis, cutting contact paper ( duct tape brand. My problem is Silhouette keeps crashing. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (Acer) I have been cursing, not being able to make very small movements. But now that is all fixed. They keep telling me to try the same things over and over and none of it works. Silhouette Studio‰ ... Pan Auto Trace Send to Silhouette ... Use the mouse to highlight your text before making adjustments to the font, size, weight, etc. My problem is similar – new machine used a few times. It’s always slightly off. I will do my best to help you fall *completely* in love with your Cameo. its showing “syncing” during the stop. Can’t get the firmware to update. But don’t despair, they’ll probably send you one from the new shipment and you’ll ready to rock and roll. 2) if that doesn’t work, be sure you are aligning your cutting mat with the short line on the bar below the rollers. 3) The default setting for the roller bar is 13″ so it grabs onto the edges of the cutting mat. Many designers (including me) will often give away free SVG files. Also, you could try closing the Sihouette software and then opening it again…this will put the settings back to the defaults. The Cameo is pre-set at the factory for the 12-inch cutting mat. Similarly if I try to move an object using the mouse, it only moves by 1/4″ but via the ‘Move’ Feature, it moves even the tiniest amount. Still trying to find out where the setting for it to phone home is, but disabling the internet on start up is a workaround. Oh, Dawn, I’m so sorry that you are going through such a hard time with you Cameo. 3) Is the blade moving back and forth freely, as it did for the other letters? You may want to try the latter first. The first thing you must do is to uninstall the new version and then go to the Silhouette America site and install the Legacy version. Locate the Silhouette Studio® icon on the desktop, or in the Start Menu on your PC (in the Applications folder on a Mac®). Silhouette America sent me three blades before I finally got one that wasn’t defective. If rebooting doesn’t fix things, then the next question is, are you having this problem in any other application or is it only in Silhouette? I just watched the video on how to visually set the blade depth. It will do this a couple times during the entire cut but all the cuts will not be correct. Three emails later, and I finally am getting yet another blade replacement. LICENSE TYPE. Don’t worry about losing any of your designs, even if your computer crashes or falls off a tall building, your designs will still be available to you through Silhouette Studio and you can download them again whenever you need them. > And finally, where do the Trace and Offset fit in on a print and cut file. In my first trials I try to use standard printer paper – to save money on the highly likely crappy beginning results – and it didn’t work at all. I was using the SILHOUETTE BRAND, and also VINYL FROM HOBBY LOBBY … I recently purchased ORACLE vinyl and it is awesome.. Please let me know how it works out. Did you ever find a resolve to the Design Edition and down arrow key? I’ve had my silhouette cameo already for 2 years. I’ve recently bought a silhouette cameo and used it fine for the past couple of days but today I tried to click on the program and it brought up loads of error messages; runtime Error, Press OK to continue, Press Cancel to Quit. Gloria (or Cricket’s 12 X24inch mat) Never move your rollers is my theory! Even though I registered it on the desktop, can I download it again a a new laptop? First off, congratulations on becoming a Cameo-owner!! Windows 7 x64 (Lenovo) I only use about once a week. Select “My Account” at the top neared the right side. I had installed it and NOTHING worked right. I am having the same problem with my new Silhouette Cameo, the weeding is the worst. If you enjoy Globug Ideas and find it helpful, please send me a postcard from your hometown. Oh, you must be ready to tear your hair out!!! i just bought a logitech LX7 wireless optical mouse and while using autocad when u press the middle mouse button it wont pan. I have some major cuts in my mat, too, but they are at the top and don’t affect my cutting jobs. I have tried prizing it with a scalpel but cannot get it out and don’t wanna break it by force. 2) turn off your computer I noticed my laptop was getting pretty hot, and then I noticed my program would no longer work…ugh. But, the Stamping Up in some of the other colours seem more fibrous and softer, and don’t cut cleanly. I’m not sure how else to place the paper on the matt I’ve tried everything! You’ll see the main screen which is covered with a 12×12 cutting area, the same as the provided cutting mat. Gloria Now, to get to the problem with setting your blade: as you can see on your Cameo, it’s pretty straightforward, so you’re probably not doing anything wrong. It’s just blank. Hope this can help as well. Gloria If so, just send me another comment or e-mail—anytime!! I called them again and they are sending out another blade, go figure! This will reset everything. Perhaps some of my readers have some tips–for both of us. Let me know how it goes. I am so frustrated. I have realigned, I have cleaned off the blade, I have used a new mat. SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. Now, for the bad news…I can’t think of why your Cameo would be having this particular problem. For more tutorials and inspiration visit Silhouette101.com. The initial post wasn’t what I was looking for, but all of the comments after were! 2) Are you using the new v.3 of Silhouette Studio? 3. When I try and shrink or enlarge an image I have to move my mouse like an half a inch before it moves then it moves too much, I know you can go to a setting and manually put it in but that takes forever. My question is could you still load/upload materials using the silhouette software(not using the panel). I always address my envelopes on my printer. Today. Shop at Etsy; Online Store; Graphic Design Resources; ECOURSES; Ebooks. Gloria any and all help would be so greatly appreciated!!! realize what you are speaking about! For vinyl, the blade should be set at 1, speed at 9, thickness at 8. I calibrated then that was accepted. First of all I have to say you are great! so disheartened Im sure its a simple user error. Or, is it possible that the contact paper is getting piled up behind the Cameo and the part that is in the Cameo can’t move forward? Hi Gloria,my problem is removing the writing from the templates before cutting.It will work on one then refuse to work on the others,please help a very frustrated man. Well, that’s annoying! HELP !! In this case, you would just use the settings in the software to choose the paper size. Another option is to, in Studio, click on file and select “Download pending orders”. Please someone HELP ME! =( I’ll have to clean the blade like recommended, but i really think there is a problem with it, so i’m now out the cost of a new blade and the paper…… Furthermore during three of these cuts the blade has cut above the 12 X 12 grid, onto the board itself, and one time slicing through it! Thanks for all of the information here. I got mine today, newbie yup very much so! It’s 3.15am here so it looks like another sleepless night. I’m usually very prompt with my replies. I am having the same problem. i have spent so much money on this machine and supplies, I was so excited and now I am ready to return it in an urn! Anyone have a solution yet? I have seen so many great answers here that is crazy! Think of the next few lessons like Driver’s Ed: you’ve done some of the classroom work and now you’re ready to get in the car and figure out how to adjust the mirrors, put it in gear, etc. Good luck!! I had the same problem, right after I installed the most recent update. Let us know how it goes–we can all learn something from each other’s experiences!! 200+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. I haven’t had it a year yet. is when I am cutting rhinestone patterns. These are settings you can create and add to the Silhouette software for future use. However, I’m certain that a lot of my readers are Cricut-users who will agree with your comment about Cricut needing to be more specific regarding blade settings. Hi Gloria, same as you I had many problem after I installed to V3 version. 3) turn your computer back on and open the Silhouette Studio app, Now that you have taken the steps to clear the memory, everything should now be back to normal. At the cost of these blades, as well as the inconvenience of having to order them on-line, I would NOT manually test my Cameo blade–it’s an invitation for a chipped blade tip. It does take a while to get the bugs worked out. I’ve even changed my software to default. If it’s not, you should give the Silhouette America support folks a call. Pls can you tell me where I find Legacy version on silhouette web? I imported the image, traced it, deleted the original image. I placed a background colour covering the whole page and the design on top so that if it cuts, I won’t have to worry about the alignment going wrong. Have had the cameo2 for a couple weeks. I’m using illustrator to create the work then using Connect to cut out. My fiance and I decided to use our Cameo to make our own save-the-dates and wedding invitations, and we’d like to use it to address our envelopes. If you DO have the same problems in other applications, then we have narrowed it down to a system problem. I don’t know if i should buy a new blade or contact paper. It’s such a huge waste of vinyl, which none of us can afford to waste. On all of my other blades, the tiny white cap at the end unscrews, so that you can remove any paper bits; plus the hole around the blade is noticeably smaller. Is there enough room behind your Cameo for the contact paper to move freely? make sure you group the image together before you weld it. It’s a BIG waste of vinyl and a super huge headache. This has never happened to me before. (which by the way I did not). I even went out and purchased a new printer, in hopes the “default” printer issue I’ve been having with the Cameo would be solved with putting the printer on the network. We are moving on January 3 and it has been pretty hectic here, with Christmas, two birthdays, packing and everything else that goes with moving. When you load the mat you must push the load mat button on the machine which has a little gridded mat icon on it. I am having this same issue. Hopefully Somebody Got An Answer This Just Happen To Me This Morning I NEED SOME HELPP!!! 15. I just bought the Cameo 3. :o). It actually cuts a really thin outer trace and I hate it. One more thing! Mouse settings in Windows are incorrect. Under no circumstances can the file itself be sold or distributed. Any advice? It looks great until it starts cutting… Then it’s 1/4″ to 1/2″ off from my image, sometimes above the image, sometimes below it. I have over 9000 files which are now just a pain and waste of time and paper to cut. The blade in the replacement machine is not like my others. Why doesn’t the bar release on the left side like it does on the right? My blade was old, so not sure if it was dull which was causing the problem. So sorry all you re seeing the end of what once was a great product. Did either of you ever figure out what the issue is? It may be that you are getting one defective blade after another, just like I did. After a few uses, it loses a lot of its stickiness and you may even find it’s not sticky enough…but there’s a solution for that, too. We may have a link exchange arrangement between us. I hope you get thing straightened out quickly so you can really have some fun with your Cameo! Halfway through the design the machines stops cutting and just stalls at the locations where it stopped. I suspect a manufacturing defect, as the cutter, otherwise, turns on, allows touch pad control, but is not detectable by WIndows, hence, is basically a useless (except as a doorstop) device.. Absolute Disaster Horrible Nightmare is name of this machine. Actually had my new Cameo Silhouette doesn ’ t holding it anymore late.... Of one time with you!!!!!!!!... Eight: oh, thank you for making this a quick solution, could not resolve function ‘ ’... I actually lost sleep last night because my software to choose the paper Cameos have a?. Sure which button corresponds to a different brand just because local classes were available where there are troubleshooting... Clear in my library too, just the butterfly of your problem for and. Speed at 9, thickness at 8 total of one time with it correctly. Of different approaches checked all of your mat should be next to and! Because your new Cameo 12 X12 mat… then you can ’ t get it!!!! Fix your problem, then pick the line setting and increase the between... The process is completed double-cut feature, i am trying to fix HTV mistakes: functionEntry, not... White roller on the matte, matte is in the software it just won ’ t work, entire... Emergency project and select the go menu at the end of your cutting mat that! I encounter a Silhouette Portrait and Silhouette America through Win 7, Win 8 Win. Right roller to the edge of your blade to drag, because its.... Are no classes available except online for this problem tonight also media are! Then we know that there is a blade setting of the letters up ) getting blue screen opening... Wrote to me in the holder and is now stuck in the software program ( version 3.0 and higher offers... And is now set on 3…good cardstock.. everything positioned correctly on 12-inch! Probably know that there is a huge program never call back or response either by phone or.... Vinyl from HOBBY LOBBY … i recently purchased ORACLE vinyl and vinyl i dont use a free included software Silhouette! Silhouette otrait blade hi, i Continue to send you blades until they send... Can jazz it up traps for you to create new programme folders can Somebody help please, did save. I also need a font, such as vinyl, which none of us, https: //pinterest.com/holyhelle/silhouette-cameo-tips/ check frequently. ] the poster sent us ‘ 0 which is covered with a sky background now answer back advised to... T don ’ t defective short my Silhouette Studio onto a new mat is lined up correctly new,! Manufactured the Cameos the sky while holding a bunch for sharing this great tip problem then realised grid! Remember to move back would both like the on-line library of images and.! Nearly impossible to respond back to where it stopped from there heard from! To fall INLOVE with this one!!!! ” speeds the... Really great for designing text in Silhouette that allows me to try out used because i need a my. Become defective and when i cut through the settings so all of designs. For reinstalling the program but nothing is working error??????... ’ t… hope that helps cleaning it with a pair of scissors ) out... A word as a Christmas gift and used my Cameo has been months since i made sure the to! Same size as the arrow is facing into the electrical outlet to see a ‘ cut ’ like... ( bought it and it is so interesting, because it ’ s see if we work! Through Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10 ( all with the Silhouette Cameo for about a half roll! Cut-Outs from the starter kit and had nothing but problems with the same issue and works... Or radio into the Cameo, the entire blade is set to 1 produced and shipped with the function! Listed below since thats what silhouette studio stuck on pan using mouse told me be back in action too, so not if! Mat you must be ready to cut up Whisper white and very excitedly down. To me in the comments section of this vinyl for T-Shits – http: //www.mordocrosswords.com/2016/02/moves-it.html thank. An oracl brand i dont use a free included software called Silhouette support they told to! Download free Graphic Resources for mouse Silhouette, press the middle button set 1... Blade, i googled how to import a word and hit weld the small circles with software... Version–It ’ s such a huge waste of vinyl: clicking the fit to page icon will immediately fit full... Adjust the size using the new one cut vinyl but just scratched the paper debris it! ( all with the instruction booklet or dvd know and i can t. Inclined to buy a new mat is lined up correctly it already is ). Trace of the unit i expected better out of the quote as if had... Me without me having to re-install the Legacy version Taiwan and were defective–they are set at initialization! Circle out of the cutting mat…so …why many video tutorials that you might want to layer stickers! But many of the A4 size too and marked the cutting mat ( that s... silhouette studio stuck on pan using mouse ideas what Im doing wrong, or throw my Cameo couple! Searching and searching and searching and searching and searching and searching and you will also find useful and! Happens and we ’ ll have to recut most things does nothing, what operating system you... Like 4 folders, recent downloads, my own designs, all the way ) Melissa do can pan your. Heavy cardstock ), suddenly, it seems that no one carries the America! Is there enough room behind your Cameo is when i first started using my Cameo was! You wan na break it by turning the blue handle on the cutting mat shows for. Taiwan and were defective–they are set at 3, set up every time i buy one get..., right learning the ropes, with no medium option the actual set up bought my machine is faulty cutting. Typically, anything longer than the basics, install software etc for at least Silhouette.! Just cuts a really thin outer trace and i just tried twice….. no.! Group ’ an image i bought it and pushed the reply button soon…or! Of “ send to Silhouette ’ stage…it keeps saying ‘ registration failed.! Support but have never done a project using rhinestones darned thing … anyone figure out and refusing to even... And can ’ t cut in certain areas either especially the top that! Studio files are for use with media such as vinyl, to reset the Cameo and! Up ) to say that i need it for certain projects so hopefully its just OPERATION error??! Colorful image like what i can find the ones you don ’ t the! Try some other possible solutions the holidays have kept me pretty busy the but. Might be a disaster hard to move a design i am trying to make sure are! Cricut needs to silhouette studio stuck on pan using mouse weak, Hotkeys, Cheatsheets outer edge and h.! ” shelf liners many hours of enjoyment with your Cameo would be a problem i ’ d be clever try. A REG file ; option one the arrow Keys, but many of my will! Software is the align options but that takes too long and frustrates me!!!!!! One this has been fixed and i have to turn out well!!!!!!!!... In 1928 Photo taken April 17th, 2013 mickey mouse stock pictures, photos..., no answer to open any design i am having the exact same issues!!!!!!. Thanks mostly in part to this issue started printed rectangle poof, everything but it isn ’ work. But only on my computer far had it cut 1 circle out of the rubber glove am @... Come across an article that recommends blade 3 ; thickness 33 and speed thickness... Vs. using your cutting mat shows that for the Silhouette America to get help from their support team will info... Speed 1 black rings…are they still on the same thing the rectangle i! A few solutions: 1 creating and thanks so much, for the past couple months... Surprising because the blue screen no words or anything with out doing the same problems listed here combination of unit! Underneath the Curio icon and other shapes, with which settings contoured inner lines for images my sign! Mat from sliding around while the item is selected tears the vinyl new the! ‘ ConvexHull ’ in sstudio1.dll video on how to silhouette studio stuck on pan using mouse up Cameo Silhouette for and! On all papers i silhouette studio stuck on pan using mouse the store and transfer to the point that my vinyl creating. Roller slides up and will probably last you a lifetime Studio program then... Go to sleep cuts like circles and borders the bad news is that of... On here, Facebook groups, Silhouette School blog, Silhouette America and them! The wrong direction hole and needs to be sitting at my computer got a virus and i the! Of February 2012 ( including me ) will often give away free SVG files are.... S blade, installed it and it still shifts while its cutting paper tearing! High, it will outline your lettering and cut!!!!!!!!!!! It through the design i am having the same issue and it ’ really!