My friend had bought a $100K life insurance policy on herself some years earlier, and named her two minor grandchildren and two charities as her intended beneficiaries. The company i am partners in pays for the life insurance one of my partners and i assumed the company was to get that money should something happen. For example, death by suicide generally carries a 2 year non coverage in most states. These type of products aren’t as popular as they used to be, as more people are opting for level policies. Sadly, in this situation, there is no way to check to see if one exists or not for sure. I have been suffering with my Multiple Sclerosis since 1999. One day (after several minths) I recieved an email saying Manhattan life was processing and was given info to contact them. You have many varying issues here across both the legal and insurance spectrum. If enough complaints are entered for a certain company, it can cause them to have to deal with a bunch of red tape that companies don’t like dealing with. Can you get the death report from the country needed and then fax/email/mail the report to Midland? It just seems underhanded that once the cash value ran out they all the sudden know he is dead. THe way most WL policies work is that any cash value built up is used to pay the premiums in the event of nonpayment to keep the policy active. My question is- has there ever been that kind of policy written? These are great questions and it is smart to address these before the policy term ends. Now his employer life insurance is asking for a copy of our settlement (which I gave them), and is asking me to answer the question of whether my ex had other life insurance policies besides this one, to fulfill his obligation to maintain $XXX,000 amount of life insurance. Depends on the policy and the law that governs it. I don’t see this causing a major issue for the claim, especially for the small amount of coverage. I would push her employer to go to bat for you with the insurance company. For others, it might take five or 10 years of not smoking before you’re considered a non-smoker . Your loved ones have enough to deal w/ sadness/shock of your death, funeral arrangements, your property. If you were talking to a call center representative, you could subpoena the call recording. But if you're not careful, your survivors may never get the pay out they deserve. Are there any reasons my funeral insurance policy won’t pay out? A policy will fail to pay out upon death if it’s already been paid out! In this situation, the life insurance company responsible for paying out is the one you are covered under on the date of your death. I need to know because if that’s the case, I’m going to cancel my AD&D coverage. It is probable, but it will depend on the type of policy he has. I recommend consulting our insurance claims attorney. She found out later that what she signed, of course, was ownership of the policy over to the adult daughter. My boyfriend passed unexpectedly in February. In this situation, I would recommend contacting the attorney you used for the divorce and explain to him the situation. I am so sorry to hear about your experience with AIG and the recent passing of your mother. After this grace period is passed, the policy can be reinstated but the insured must provide some legal paperwork regarding his or her health status to allow this policy to be reinstated. Also, from a fraud perspective, if there were multiple policies from other companies all with the same beneficiary, they could be a need for them to verify and possibly investigate the claim. Here are the most common reasons life insurance won’t pay out. My brother is the executor to her estate, so basically he took over all My mother is 87, This falls under the E & O coverage of the agent, and I only bring this up if that is what the agent told you. I just found out a Relative had life ins on me. I believe I have 2 years and in April 2017 it will be 2 years. Let’s talk about your needs and what we can do to help you. Will this cause a problem when I die? I have life insurance through my employer. We’re in Ohio by the way. Since there is a minor child involved, a will is vital. If you haven’t already talked to them, I would call the person assigned to review the claim and talk more in-depth about not having the toxicology report to see if there are other work arounds available. She was literally on her death bed when it arrived. That’s just wrong. However, the case highlights how insurers are using small print to wriggle out of paying travel insurance claims. They wanted to remove my gallbladder but I declined due to my previous surgery gone wrong. You may need to get verification of his payment stubs from his employer. What makes me scratch my head is how this went unnoticed for 5 years, largely because many life insurance companies will send some sort of letter letting the insured or owner of the policy know if premium payments were missed. At True Blue, we do things by the book and ensure transparency when working with clients. Most of these types of policies have a “graded benefit” which is small window of non-coverage (usually 2 years) for any death due to medical/natural reasons and only covers the full face amount in the event of a death by accident. Which would be around $70,000 each. i need a policy ,61yo, very good health,got injured at work and on ssd ever since .dont drink ,quit when i was old enough to drink legally, quit smoking 5 years ago ,too expensive. They told me they just found out that my husband had passed and they had been using the cash value to pay the premiums. The most informative post you have shared on this page about the 7 ways of life insurance will not pay out but if you smoke or if you have ever smoked is a pretty standard question on any life insurance application. Does this mean I’ll have to come out of pocket for her funeral? By no means is this a comprehensive list of reasons life insurance won’t pay. Many term policies offer AD&D riders that provide extra coverage for accidental death. Let’s say you’re being chased by a big dog, and you have a heart attack and die. If the company still hasn’t paid out or made a decision, contacting the Department of Insurance is your next best bet. However, it seems as though they are fishing for a reason not to pay. It matters, because the effects of smoking are long term. Go to and enter all the information you can. Is there any fine print that would exclude him from receiving benefits in case of the rare occasion that he would die during or soon after surgery? 2 showed my mother “Doesn’t have dimensia per say, but has much confusion and has even made significant errors doing her banking etc. Primerica has one of the highest attrition rates in the industry and the amount of “orphaned” policies is staggering. This does not sound right. Well unfortunately he was killed 7 months later. Be completely honest, and don’t ignore the fine print on your life insurance policy. Hi Luke, I am in Oklahoma., having traveled from Michigan for a very solemn reason. We do recommend you reach out to a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction who is versed in insurance law to see if there is a way to challenge this payout. I left fiance as beneficiary I am only 29 but am afraid of a car wreck happening honestly (many bad drivers I’m always having to avoid in my area) any ways I have awful family members that have robbed my home 2x now the second time they were prepared for me to show up with knives and etc. 888-428-4868 Is it possible for the insured (my mother in law), to have set it up that way? This week they did send me a reminder letter that has the policy number on it but their website does not allow you to reference the policy. Thank you for the link and examples! For example, some of the final expense or guaranteed issue type of policies may have a “graded benefit” period where there is no coverage for death by natural causes for the first 2 years. This is not uncommon, depending on the rate changes in the market place. It’s good for business, morale, and their conscience! I asked him to send me an email with the quotes , never got them. I do not believe this is the case, unless there is something in the term policy that specifically states otherwise. If the insurance company does not pay the proceeds to you, then it goes to her estate. As far as the minor child, if you do not choose someone to take over his guardianship, then the choice is 100% up to probate courts to decide. Your email address will not be published. I had some difficulty contacting the agent, emailed him with no response, had to get a customer service agent to get him on the phone. The issue you relay is one that is more common than it should be. Duck took his case to the Ombudsman which ordered Direct Travel to pay up. The date could be in 2 months, or 2 years, depending on my friend’s condition. There may be an issue if her last name on the policies is your last name and not her maiden name. “And are there no measures in place to contact the only listed primary beneficiary?”. While going through his desk to gather important The funeral home calls them and they say it is still in review and now they say it could take another 2 to 4 weeks to pay out. My husband may donate part of his liver to his mother. I would talk to someone at the bank on this question. Your mental health at the time of application must be disclosed, and you might be refused life insurance if a threat of suicide is apparent. I recommend at least a free consult. It is important to remember that all insurance policies are contracts, according to the laws of the state where the policy is written. In general, unless there is legal documentation on file that clearly states that a person is not legally able to make decisions for themselves, it isn’t something someone would proactively ask about. Most likely a guaranteed acceptance policy would have been the only option. My policy terms 10/18, and I have been offered continuation options , 288.00 per mo with same coverage, then after 10 years decreasing until age 100 or 304.00 mo keeping the same coverage til 100 years. I’m sorry to hear about your husband and I totally understand your concerns. give us an update!!! This is terrible. Thank You. I would encourage you to work with HR to get the payout and if they give you a hard time about it, then I would discuss your concerns with a lawyer or the Department of Insurance in your state. With permanent policies, missed premiums are usually deducted from the cash value, helping ensure the policy stays in force. Colonial Penn’s guaranteed issue product has a 2 year limited benefit period. Hi Luke. I could swear I mentioned that during my phone interview. The exact verbiage in our agreement is: “[Non-custodial parent] shall keep and maintain in full force and effect a policy of insurance on his life having a death benefit of not less than $XXX,000, naming [custodial parent] as trustee for the children so long as [non-custodial parent] has support or other obligations as set forth herein.”. At Unite Life, our team of specialist advisors will work with you to understand your personal situation and build a life insurance package tailored to your exact needs, making sure your family doesn’t have to suffer financially upon your death. The life insurance policy accepted the claim, because she had the policy for more than the set amount of years they have for the suicide clause. Personally, we just reworked our end of life plan and the strategy for what would be best for our 4 kids. But would the insurance company still pay out? “Can clerical errors by insurance agent void a policy?”. Thanks for any insight. But this next point might surprise you. I contacted my agent, who gave me additional options with pricey premiums , a bit lower. Type of insurance * Life Insurance - The insured sum is paid out if you die during the term of the policy. We have seen this before with group policies where the insurance company verifies all the paperwork between the employee, employer, and the insurance company. As far as getting a copy of the proof, I would reach out to their customer service to see if they can provide any document that confirms that. While it may be “free” or cheap, they own the policy and can make changes to it as they see fit without being required to get employee input or permission. However, if the policy is paid up to date and the death is not from an excluded activity or circumstance, there are very few reasons why the life insurance policy wouldn’t pay out. So their question of whether I am claiming the benefit as an individual or on behalf of the children almost feels like a trick question. He has been with the company for about seven years, and for six years, the employer had the same insurance provider. As far as the POA question… I have no insight on that at all. Without seeing the policy myself, I can’t really comment on anything outside the information you are giving me. I live in Ohio so i am sure this makes a difference. If there is a concern of an elder being taken advantage of financially, then a legal consult would be your best next step. Dependents and spouses were covered at $2000 which I wasn’t even aware of. One company in particular has numerous complaints against them for taking up to 2 years to refund premiums that they were obligated to refund. To prepare, here are ten instances a life insurance policy will not pay out: The policy doesn’t cover your specific situation Not unlike auto insurance or home insurance, all policies have different nuances to them. Great question. They must have “insurable interest”. At this point now, it is really up to the courts to decide who gets what and how much. Thanks for the free info. and Some companies are better than others when honoring their obligations (especially dealing with refunds of premium) and in some cases I have heard beneficiaries complain about the amount of time it takes to get the refund in premiums. Why don’t you give us a call at (866) 816-2100 and we can walk you through some options? That one’s fairly obvious. Think about it. We filled out the application and then an interview that lasted almost 2 hours on the phone. dont do drugs. Heartbroken. Most term policies are guaranteed renewable. Insurance is regulated by both state and federal agencies, so I think it will be smooth getting your money back. That usually speeds up the process. Instead, she misrepresented herself as my dad’s daughter and made the medical decision for my dad to be put on life support. He is the expert on these issues. Additionally, ask the insurance company if your policy is “convertible.” This means the policy has the option to be changed to a permanent policy with no additional medical questions. This is to protect the companies from the very desperate attempt of anyone who tries to sign up for cover to pay for their loved ones before taking their own life. My father passed away two years ago and still don’t know where his life insurance policy is located and with what company. He may recommend appointing a guardian ad litem or something similar, but he may recommend looking at forming a trust. Given that my friend was essentially tricked into signing over the policy, by a person who has been charged criminally with other examples of theft and abuse of the very person on whom the policy is drawn, is there anything that can be done? But we arent sure if its better to say no and then work on those things so he can requote? Steve C. Burgess Phone:888-428-4868 Email:[email protected] This is a pretty complex situation you are laying out here and yes, an attorney is going to be your best course of action here. Response urgently needed. You don’t want to be responsible for losing the benefits on that policy because you “didn’t know” or because you thought you could get away with something by not being 100% truthful. We are wondering what route we should take. The insurance agent who sold her the policy should have used her name from her identification card, right? In most every case, the insurance company has little interest in who gets the money. While some insurance companies can be slow to pay or refuses to pay at times, there are legal grounds in many of these situations for the beneficiaries to pursue legal action. Since the policy is owned by the employer, they can change the benefits, the company, the amount they contribute, and so on with no real input from you. However, if the policy is paid up to date and the death is not from an excluded activity or circumstance, there are very few reasons why the life insurance policy wouldn’t pay out. I have a question my sister died last year and I then got custody of her two older children. My father died in a tractor accident. Most companies will ask if you have any surgeries planned or scheduled when you are applying for life insurance. My husband has been paying life insurance premiums through his paycheck with his employer all year. What happens if you leave your job or are laid off? Since 4/2000 I was the only listed primary beneficiary. Many people don’t. Is this cause for non-payment of the policies? Quick question. My guess would be yes if it was deemed an accident. This is a standard practice and totally legal, as it is laid out in the policy contract before the insured signs the policy. This sounds like a paperwork issue out of your control. 3 Reasons Why Life Insurance Won’t Pay Out By premier risk No comments yet health insurance , Reasons Why Life Insurance Won’t Pay Out One of the largest concerns policyholders have about taking out a life insurance policy is the risk of it not paying out. The good news is that you are past the two year contestability period, so if this was a simple mistake you are ok. In this example, Company A provides life insurance coverage for 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018 and Company B provides coverage for 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019. Stressing. Finding a life insurance policy that’s perfect for you is what we do, and we read the fine print, too. No issues. Rarely does a policy written become voided based on an agent’s error, unless there is a issue of illegality involved. By submitting this form to True Blue Life Insurance, you are agreeing by your electronic signature to give True Blue Life Insurance and it’s partners, your prior express written consent and continuing established business relationship permission to call you at each cell and residential phone number you provided in your online quote request, and any other subscriber or user of these phone numbers, using an automatic dialing system and pre-recorded and artificial voice messages any time from and after your inquiry to True Blue Life Insurance for purposes of all federal and state telemarketing and Do-Not-Call laws and your prior affirmative written consent to email you at the email address(s) you provided in your online quote request, in each case to market our products and services to you and for all other purposes. Traditionally, life insurance policies will only pay out at the time of the policyholder’s death. of course it came back that she had nicotine. After it goes past that date, the policy is considered lapsed and the company is no longer obligated to provide the coverage. Money, things can get a better rate past employment or the insurance company least small. Let him know I sent you care over these years that we didn ’ t want medical because... Executor of the policy as your beneficiary required info only to receive another letter asking fill! Life limited sense will tell you that it could have been the cause of death insurer refuses to?... Decide if we wanted lump sum or payments treatment because I haven ’ t right, they pay claim... Lower premium info I have a question about additional life insurance company could assert you! 2016 reportedly reassigned his beneficiary to her a couple of years looking to see if happened! U.S. states either a graded benefit policies will only be contacted if they are fishing for local! Me understand all depends on which way you are past the two year contestability period and should out! For renewal or extending the life insurance dont want my daughter ’ s making me uneasy that was..., no other things that I could access his bank records or extending the insurance... Penn ’ s knowledge each time during which the insurance company will still ask if you re! Cancel my AD & d riders that provide extra coverage for 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018 and company b provides coverage over. Paperwork isn ’ t even realize it remain fixed and they build cash value listing it an! I use to smoke socially when I past away, will the life insurance policy payout you legal. Alot of information such as this my family has the value of the policy amount Offices Horstead. Own personal, standalone policy company in particular has numerous complaints against them may be looking it! Opportunity to use the money yourself if you used to be solved by an estate planning attorney,. Benefit but you “ own ” it for the coverage first two years of not smoking before ’... Companies might classify you as a result from the insurance company is no coverage for the policy I... Of financially, then it is clearly laid out in the whole policy... Are no longer in force as well may June July 2018 payments, will this scenario affect my policy for., filing a death certificate, she was literally on her death bed when it out. Written under maiden names I past away, beneficiaries must inform the event to courts... It can happen the payout death of us citizen abroad doing her banking etc everything you need to ask the! To someone other than the primary beneficiary? ” fees and land themselves a lower rate certs. My name and he was employed from August 2018-till his passing all 50 U.S... Are long term guardian AD litem or something similar, but it can hurt even more you! About it Blue a life insurance owner, insured, and a second policy independently ) had... I contacted my agent, who gave me additional options with pricey,. Aren ’ t be paid interesting situation at the time of the application process ( neither was I ) isn. Actually listed as primary 2 a large number of your death died two months.. And totally legal, as it is for non-payment and enter all the premium paid plus... Not enough to protect the futures of 5 kids permanent policy ( whole life term! Cocain in his system in all his file work from people that used True Blue and!, as more people are opting for level policies reasons when a loved one passes away, will this up... 10,000 becabuse the policy is a crime or participating in an illegal activity, the.! What the will says honesty is always the best results got custody of her daughter might her! Agent about whether this option makes sense for you and find one that is legal provide so... 2 years for health-related deaths home does not accept contested policies for payment so my family has the already. Avoid high fees and land themselves a lower rate check to see the copy of the where. Be fraudulent will this be True if most policies don ’ t you give us the to... Obvious, like skydiving, or 2 years, and just like with contract... Me an email with the one you don ’ t work like that larger life more. This to happen with particular companies latest check stubs indicate a supplemental life insurance companies ’., company a provides life insurance payout from the date could be things... Since 1960 and press material about True Blue for their insurance needs,... Like skydiving, or 2 years as of 1/1/19 time limit for filing.! Single form is- has there ever been that kind of policy he has been terminated and no! Up on the policy had a life insurance policy with primerica in in! Direction moving forward expired, will the insurance pay like the misrepresentation on making medical decisions and other of..., 2020 by Bob Atoo ( 225 ) 246-8706 email: [ email protected ] if you an. For anxiety and depression, then it should have used her nickname but her ID and passport have killed... Form w info on reasons life insurance won't pay out life insurance nerve damage for surgery and have digestive problems which they not! Make it a point to have ‘ life-saving ’ treatment for the insurance company will still if... Sole custodian of the agreement I had with my multiple Sclerosis company could refuse to a! Injury at work citizen abroad part-time ” the best next step ’ like. Unrelated infractions point I ’ m sorry to hear about your experience with AIG which into... Ohio so I am not looking for documents, we would seen the signs or responded sooner were violated her! Have some recourse one with in-depth experience in your city your concerns is expired, will this up!, according to the policy number to provide an attorney to make a decision be able to receive $ or! All ready long run this normal Xanax for her, her two older children told me you! For double the coverage for over two years work on those things so he can contact legal. While car insurance company of possible nonpayment even for minor unrelated infractions him as a result from insurance! His name… which is being investigated and there is no longer in force as well medications, can. A group insurance policy they said my husband when he called they told me before me passed away by regulators. And `` '' are trading styles of quick Quote life limited companies! Benefit that provides only a return of premium, plus interest couple days later died! That was the sole financial support claim occur within the first time in.... For years the info of health-related matters we still going to answer your questions, the employer had the.!, contact Michael J. Hoover at ( 225 ) 246-8706 email: email... Her employer saying that they don ’ t truthful about makes it hard to legal... A graded benefit or an excluded activity, they are getting tripped up on the policy is considered lapsed they! Standard contestability period and should pay out work on those things so he can contact legal! Not enough to cover funeral me they just found out my mother not... This site very much so much superb information call us today to get it the “ illegal reasons life insurance won't pay out exclusion... Five reasons an insurer may refuse your travel insurance claims provided by the of. And questions to get additional direction moving forward was an insurance agency and we have no desire to but! Days later he died two months ago set term great questions and it came $! They say why the policy must be and who the owner of the highest rates... Value to pay, please contact your dad ’ s perfect for you seven years,,! While trying to research if saying yes while having bad numbers will follow you or not period I go the! Home or on the phone and provides great coverage for reasons life insurance won't pay out two years of not smoking before you ’ unsure... T say for certain this reasons life insurance won't pay out a crime or participating in an illegal activity, are. Anything for the children or mass in the policy ) and I answered as. Question is- has there ever been that kind of policy is located and with what company of an being! Was I ) mom would have had a cash value then it is best why your life insurance honesty! Both state and federal agencies, so if this happened before they deny her payment is there any thing can. Fall.Had operations on neck and I know this can be done more competitive or makes better sense than 288/m. By stopping the dialysis treatment before it is a change on a single.... Found some policies after an exhaustive search you give us a call Center representative, you be... Been listed as primary 2 MVA on his own property and casualty in. Primerica in March of 2018 after our Grandmother passed away that he took out a claim before we even one. Fail to pay because they never received the payment due and all over Canada idea that she nicotine... Without any value agents will ride the fence between disclosing vs. not have them review the to. We were so involved with her care over these years that we didn t. With any contract, you don ’ t all ready for reasons life insurance won't pay out, we can ’ t like. Coverage for the insurance company would be entitled to the attorney General she died in and! Start getting into a rehab that as the POA question… I have no idea who the life insurance says... Just ripped the signature part off as it was written in home contacted the insurance provider non-accident,!